Database table with country names translations with Navicat

February 01, 2014

Goal: Easy to visually check for consistency, missing values, …

EF58509A FA1A 45F8 AE99 02CCACF0C969

Download CSV from country/cldr/«iso code of language»/country.csv

848C7C6E 5669 43AC A9F2 4A0A05B5F175

E37AA7E5 8C50 464B 9C3A 2086F09AFB74

1077AF94 00C9 413D 941E 5E15A396CB01

Omit CSV headers

csv iso,name AF,Afghánistán AX,Alandy AL,Albánie

BFB93668 86A1 402C 930B 15EA07598F5A

054F8338 AFD0 4E1C A129 B640BB7F82A6

C99C5D83 468F 4117 93A9 A67A8E109C31

1C7BA888 0181 41D7 8D37 5845A5EC53AB

C49C8D51 4DEC 47DD B89D 2CE35AEAE248

38C60206 3763 47D0 BB74 982ECE657E72

Then write script to export to JSON in format you app need, eg.: json

  "af": {
    "value": "Afghanistan",
    "translated": "Afghánistán",
    "phone": "93"
  "ax": {
    "value": "Åland Islands",
    "translated": "Alandy",
    "phone": "358"
  "al": {
    "value": "Albania",
    "translated": "Albánie",
    "phone": "355"