Database table with country names translations with Navicat

February 01, 2014

Goal: Easy to visually check for consistency, missing values, …

Download CSV from country/cldr/«iso code of language»/country.csv

Omit CSV headers

csv iso,name AF,Afghánistán AX,Alandy AL,Albánie

Then write script to export to JSON in format you app need, eg.: json

  "af": {
    "value": "Afghanistan",
    "translated": "Afghánistán",
    "phone": "93"
  "ax": {
    "value": "Åland Islands",
    "translated": "Alandy",
    "phone": "358"
  "al": {
    "value": "Albania",
    "translated": "Albánie",
    "phone": "355"