Cypress at Slido

Selenium was a standard, was quite easy to author, but hard to set up as a whole.
Writing tests in Cypress felt right - it is simple enough to explain to non-devs.
Tests in separate project (repo). Run manually and on time-schedule.
Lot of custom Cypress commands.
Populating backend db with API calls, using return values later.
TIP: Delete service worker onBeforeLoad to have a clean slate.
Simply capture & test email. Mailosaur is for QA & Development Teams and anyone else who builds, tests or presents products.


CI pipeline integration?
BitBucket pipeline, easy!
Challenges/suggestions for testing React?
When testing from user's perspective, framework should not matter.
Data driven testing?
Not much experience, but few tests generated in loops from data stored in json files.
Backend seeds?
Running on staging env - so creating data during tests. Cleanup every day.
BDD (Cucumber)?
Did not consider.
Learning recommendations?
Official documentation. Or Freecodecamp, Treehouse for JS.
Learning curve for QAs?
Team of six. It depends. In general, in was pretty easy.
Flaky tests?
Balance time for writing and maintaining tests.
Visual testing?
3rd party auth?