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3D Transforms ~ Ana Tudor

Really cool things include lot of math.

Polygon – Convex, Concave, Simple, self-intersecting,

System of coordinates in parent/child spaces known for me from Cinema 4D

Skew doesn’t keep scale of axis.

The Mobile Viewports ~ Peter Paul Koc

Why responsive design work. Not how, but why.

PIxel is fundamental of web design.

A pixel is not a pixel – CSS pixel vs Device pixel.

CSS pixel – used in CSS declarations, created for web developers, so we do not worry about zooming.

Device pixels – physical pixels on device.

Effortless Style ~ Heydon Pickering

How to set CSS, so content editor can work with it easily.

3.14 things I didn’t know about CSS ~ Mathias Bynens

Unicode flower animated with CSS animations.



!important has nothing to do with specificity. Bad practise.

We can manually increase specificity.

Font family names

You do not need to quote font names. But you can’t have number at the beginning. In that case, you need to quote.

Attribute values

a[href=foo] === a[href=“foo”] if <a href=“foo”>


need to use a[href=“foo|bar”] if <a href=foo|bar>

CSS Comments

HTML tag vs Element

Tags – what you type in source code.

Element – node in DOM created by browser

HTML page without HTML.

Unicode in CSS and HTML

CSS expressions was basically JS in CSS. We can put there anything.

It was only in IE7 and earlier. But even modern IEs enable you site owner to specify what rendering mode he wants to use … for compatibility reasons.

Get to know the language, you are working with every day.

Present and Future of CSS Layout ~ Tab Atkins

Table layout did what we need – reason, why it was so popular.

9 tables nested inside each other.

Horizontal menu, many approaches, every has cons.

display table / floats / inline-block

Flexbox is no longer prefixed in Chrome, FF and IE11.

Vertical centering: hardest problem in CSS.