Keynote (Darin Fisher)

400 000 000 users on Chrome Mobile

Auto-updating of browser, even web-view in Lolipop.

Focus on perf.

Removed 300ms delay.

Web is common, feel safe and natural to users.

Giving devs more power to control every aspect of app, if you want. (network fetching, caching, …)

Put the webapp and content first, Chrome should be in background.

Support for poor connection and offline (service workers)

Push notifications.

Wicked fast

Traditional performance

Synthetic benchmarks do not reflect real apps.

Speedometer – trying to be “real”

Project Silk – project between Chrome and Blink

will-change declare your app so Chrome can optimize better.

GC (reclaiming memory) during idle time.

Hardware accelerated rasterization

rasterization is part of paint (use various draw commands to draw pixels)

Draw commands can almost skip CPU

Energy efficiency

Just lowering perf efficiency is not all what needs to be done.

Perception of speed

API navigation transitions on Lollipop.

Finally web apps can start to look like native apps.

Blurring lines between web apps and native apps (with parts of same content)

Making Web Apps Appy

Access to System UI

Full screen

Home-screen placement

Notifications from web apps even if you are offline.

Service worker - programmable in browsers proxy with control over cache.

The Applied Science of Runtime Performance (Paul Lewis)

Anything that is not page load.

On transforms

Work with the state of things as they are - not optimal, but workable.

clip triggers paint

Debugging animations

Service workers

You need first load to get service workers running.

Frame Timing API

main thread –

unique number for each frame

Fundamentals of Mobile Web Development (Matt Gaunt)

Web is overwhelming – is’s still HTML, CSS and JS but it’s getting more and more complex.

Learn - Build - Iterate.

Web Fundamentals – docs built around use-cases.

Experts voluntarily hopped in and helped.

Standards need time to figure out best practices (Service workers)

Google Web Fundamentals are opinionated.

Web Started Kit –

Style guide driven development.

Same information displayed in different way


Show what is promoted to a layer