Twilio – API company, Node plugin by Kevin.

Twilio Quest – game to teach you API of Twilio.

Experience with scaling Node apps.

Appcelerator Titanium – Native apps for iOS and Android with Javascript.

iOS7 – Javasript has access to core APIs.

Express – de facto standard. Successor of Express is

Mongoose – Object document mapper, closest thing to Active Record from Ruby in Node world.

Same programming paradigm both on server and client.

Not such ecosystem as Rails yet.

* Async

* Low level, less syntax sugar than in Ruby

* HTTP first citizen

Supervisor or Nodemon – watching changes, automatic restart

CommonJS – biggest implementation is Node.

exports - module’s public interface

Debugging node-debug app.js


res.end vs res.send

The method, response.end(), MUST be called on each response.

send is by by Express – set header

end is by Node HTTP Response



Filtering data before it gets to you core business logic

Redis – in memory data storage

Schema – defines structure of object to structure. Mongo itself doesn’t force any structure.

Model – representation of MongoDB document.

MongoHQ, Mongo Lab – hosted Mongo.


Provides browser shims for lots of node core.

Can provide module with alternate entry points for Node and Browsers.