Ari Lerner

HTML is old – static, wasn’t built for web apps. We use Javascript for interaction.

JQuery is wrapper on DOM. But for webapps is not so great – tight coupling, don’t enforce code structure, low-level.

Reinvent HTML for web-apps – Angular.

Internal apps and all over the internet

Cost-efficient – super fast to make impressive apps.

If you are not testing, you should be ashamed. If you are not testing one year from now, you wouldn’t have a job.

Active community.

First Angular app.

Data-binding, get hold of data by $scope. $scope is POJO.

Views are simply HTML. Binding by {{ }}

Directive is a function that is called on a DOM element to augment it’s functionality.

ng-repeat – iterating
… + own directives

Build in services: $scope, $q, $http, …

Populating, showing and manipulating data – core interest of web app.