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AngularJS Philly ETE Slides

Linking function is for fashion.
Controller function is for functionality.

A Few of My Favorite AngularJS Resources – January Edition

Notes On AngularJS Scope Life-Cycle

The $apply() method, which is what you call when you are transitioning from non-angular world into angular world, calls $digest()

Knockout dependency tracking is a clever feature for a problem which angular does not have.

dirty-checking allows you to do POJO, whereas KO and backbone force you to inherit from their classes, and access your data through accessors.

video games and GPUs use the dirty-checking approach, specifically because it is consistent

$digest processes all the watchExpressions for the current scope and its children.

AngularJS – Handy Tricks With Developer Tools

Outline .ng-scope, .ng-binging

Get scope
$sc = angular.element($0).scope();

Get service
$se = angular.element('html').injector().get('');

Get controller
$sc = angular.element($0).controller();

Lukas Ruebbelke (simpulton) on Twitter

Really good fit for CRUD applications.

Organize code – compare with plain jQuery.

That code doesn’t break, doesn’t mean it works.

It’s possible to integrate into legacy apps.

Angular will impress you even after few years.

yo angular:route main

Module is container.

At lowest level, there is compilation cycle.

Hooks inside digest cycle.

One service per injector.

My review:

It was sooo bad. Teacher cannot answer no question.

Full of, kinda, empty, in a manner, words, essentially.

Horrible examples.