God is evil!


Very good… and very hateful. But good arguments.

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If you don't have a clue, use God as your argument.
If you are satisfied with not understanding, then you will be satisfied with religion.

Natural selection FTW

Accumulative, better with time.
Build scaffold, not every branch is better, but as a whole it works.
Complexity emerges from simplicity without any guidance.
Simple, clever, probable, without space for chance.
Works better than desing (God) or chance.
Many people things than Design is only alternative to chance, but natural selection is.

Interesting thoughts

I might retort that such hostility as I or other atheists occasionally voice towards religion is limited to words. I am not going to bomb anybody, behead them, stone them, burn them at the stake, crucify them, or fly planes into their skyscrapers, just because of a theological disagreement.

God ~ Tooth fairy. We use it to explain things to people who are not prepared for answers. Mostly kids, but sadly even some adults.
Being atheist inicates a independence of mind, be proud of it.
I'm hostile to religion because of what it did to other people.

God is imaginary friend for adults. He gives them attention, care about them, listen to them. It's nice to have one.

Some people need to fill the gap in life, find a "purpose, meaning". Try to fill it with family, friends, career, science, art. Not god.

Most clever people are atheist.

Delusion - persistent false believe held against evidence. One person - insanity. More people - religion.

Irrational persistance - keeping decisions against new evidences - can be sometimes useful. We have to make a decision at one moment and keep it for some time. eg when hunting, too much thinking can be bad.

Be in love ~ be religious... each one cannon be fully explained, and is not profitable for human.

Critical mass of atheist is needed to start mass reaction.

Monotheism is progress from polytheism, now just substract one more God and it will be perfect.

Believers dominate every living culture.

Do not say "Catholic/Muslic child", say child of catholic/muslim parents. Child is too young to be religious.

Accumulated experience from previous generations are VITAL for human, believing without questions allowed us to be smarter than other animals, that learns everything from start every time. This tendendency is responsible for tolerating creation of God. This tendency comes from natural selection, it is good in general, but fails in some cases (religion).

You have to be religios (or behave like one) to be elected to public office in US. Atheism is political suicide in US.

Community building and admiring slavish and blind obedience (military, school, religion, family). Easier to manipulate. Unquestioning is a virtue due to religion.

God theory tries to create entire world in one giant step, evolution rather climb the hill with maaaany intermediate steps (warmer, warmer, colder, warmer ... game)

Do NOT indoctrinate your children, teach them how to disagree with you.

Unquestionable obidience - good for computers, bad for humans (good for leaders.)

How can sb live without God? Where morality comes from? Can we even be good without God? If you are good only because God, I despise you. We are good and moral even without God, fear and waiting for reward, bitches! Good principles can be followed even without God.

Try to think out of the box and analyze religion (god hypetesis) as skeptically as any other scientific hypotesis.

With science achievements, God is becoming more and more useless, until finally, he would not bother to even exist. We would not need his help to "explain" things anymore.

God is used to fill holes in science, but they are shrinking.

Somebody could not realize that leaving religion is an option. Be an atheist is realistic aspiration.
Even evolution used some scaffold to produce something and then droped the scaffold entirely.

Philosophers try to find things by thinking, not observing.
Nonexistence of God is simply sober estimation of probability assumtions.
Who has authority to tell us what to do? Religion?
Atom = natural terminator to dividing regress. (Because » why » because » why » because ...)

Can we live in computer simulance (~Matrix).
Change somebody (God), who knows the future change his mind to do something? (Paradox)

Are we alone in space? We are trying to receive intelligent message from space. What does it mean? Rhytm? Prime numbers? ...

5 "proofs" for God by Thomas Aquinas

  • Movement (prior regress principle). Something has to start movement.
  • Cause (prior regress principle). Something has to have fundamental cause.
  • What brings physical things to existence
  • Things differ, we can compare them. What is maximum value? God?
  • Things look designed? Who designed them?

Not relevant thoughts

Raise consciousness even at common things.

Any far advanced technology is indistinguable from magic.
(Show camera to prehistoric people)

You need to fully grasp something before you can fully appreciate it. (~Music, Computer)

Different models to resolve problems and make decisions.

  • Physical model: most accurate, slowest.
  • Design model:
  • Intention model: fastest, less accurate.

Study more

  • Principle of mediocricy
  • Drake equation
  • Anthropic principle
  • Dualism - me and my body are different entities.

Main slogans

Would be nice to make some posters, stickers or something.

Imagine a world without religion.

  • suicide bombers
  • 9/11
  • 7/7
  • Crusades
  • witch-hunts
  • Gunpowder Plot
  • Indian partition
  • Israeli/Palestinian wars
  • Serb/Croat/Muslim massacres
  • persecution of Jews as 'Christ-killers'
  • Northern Ireland 'troubles'
  • 'honour killings'
  • no Taliban
  • public beheadings

To not trust is cool.

Politicians, Sex abusers.

Independce for mind... Atheism.

Question everything. Be suspious.

You believe scientists with ..., belive them about atheism.

Paul Dirac
Thomas Edison
Richard Feynman
Sigmund Freud
Peter Higgs
Alfred Nobel