Social proof


Impression what is the correct thing to do.

We tend to follow, even complete strangers.

If other people are doing it, it must be right.

Conformance – stand at a street, look at the sky – other will follow.

Familiarity breeds assurance.

Show popularity, number left in stock, number of buys.

Testimonials – from qualified users.

Reviews on third-party sites.

Use social media to spread good word, but solve issues in private.



You will be more happy to do something for me, if I have done something for you.

Give a gift first, ask for something later.

Ben Franklin effect – ask customer to do small favour, thank people immediately but do not return favour just know. Creates a feeling of liking.



Level of compliance to authoritative figure.



I was just following orders.

Working as part of the group.

Authority to give people permission to do something.

Smart defaults


Priming – reason for brand advertising.

Making options to look familiar.

Recommended, Preferred, …

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==================== – deceive people