It denies the intuition that one can study parts of the world in isolation from the rest —that one can analyse the world— and understand a part without knowing the whole.

As we have become more demanding of our explanations and pictures of the Universe,

so we have found the scale of what we must explain to be far greater in extent

than our predecessors could ever have imagined.

As complexity has grown, so has physics fragmented into specialisations, but yet remains unaffected by them

The boundless, timeless, and endless have attracted and confused human minds for thousands of years.

Vedy se bojime, ale zvedavost nam nedovoli bez ni byt.

infinite sequence = eterniny of future

svou budoucnost nezname, ale povazujeme ji za stejne zrejmou jako existenci nekonecne rady cisel.

infinite answer = warning that you had made a wrong turn.

Kdyz neco vypada moc jednoduse tak se bojime ze je to spatne.

Dosazeni pouze dobreho vysledku ktery pouze pasuje do teorie znamena ze se musime snazit vice.

‘superstring theory - 1984, Green and Schwarz, wholly finite (oproti ostatnim tehdejsim infinite).

Nietzsche’s infinite replication paradox:

If the universe is infinite in extent and exhaustively random,

then any event that has a finite probability of occurring here and now

(such as you reading this book) must be occurring

infinitely often elsewhere at this very moment.

Moreover, for every history we have pursued here,

all possible alternatives are acted out,

wrong choices made simultaneously with right choices.

konecnost zivota --- vyvoj vedy

Po jak dlouhe dobe dojde k oceneni vedeckych vysledku?

Nikdy nemuzeme vedet jestli teorie popisuji cely vesmir

nebo jen ty casti kterych jsme si vedomi

Since science pays homage to the gods of change,

it needs to know how things began if it is to know anything at all.

But finiteness of the speed of light insulates us from contact with our doubles.

And We can only see and receive signals from a finite part of the universe.

So For all practical purposes, we experience a finite part of the Universe

cosmic censorship - naked physical infinities are always enclosed by event horizons

Differential equations• predict the future from the present.

• use the present to reconstruct the past..

axioms = initial conditions

Theoretical scientists need have no correspondence with anything we can see or abstract from experience.

we can prove it to be non-random simply by finding a compression, randomness se v konecnem vesmiru dokazat neda.

Possible minimum compression of logical system ≈ amout of imformation in axioms of the system.

continuum hypothesis.

infinite = shorthand for something that can be as large as one wishes

Everything that is ever going to happen is implicit in the starting state.

Our present state contains all the information necessary to reconstruct the past and predict the future.

world of difference between determinism in principle and determinism in practice.

slightest uncertainty in our knowledge of the state of the system

at one moment results in total loss of information about its exact state

Veda nas naucila nejen vedet, ale hlavne uvazovat dal.

ll events have causes… not anymore in quantum theory.

The English are not a very spiritual people. So they invented cricket to give them some idea of eternity.


an absolute background stage

on which events are played out

but yet remains unaffected by them

We measure time using clocks, which are made of matter and which obey laws of Nature.

Future is determined by the starting conditions ~ time is superfluous.

Einstein’s theory - no prefered observer, zakony musi platit pro vsechny za vsech podminek, Earth neni nijak vyjimecna.

there is no preferred cosmic time

Once you have seen one electron, you have seen them all.

Vse je slozene ze stejnych prvku - kamen i billiard ball.

physical world was composed of identical atoms which were not subject to gradual mutation or evolution.

Repetition is the only form of permanence that nature can achieve.

George Santayna.

A do not define time, space, place and motion, as being well know to all. Only I must observe, that the common people conceive those quantities under no other notions but from the relation they bear to sensible objects. And thence arise certain prejudices…

Isaac Newton

Why can't somebody give us a list of things that everybody things and nobody says, and another list of things that everybody says and nobody thinks… Oliver Wendell Holmess


The distance that we would have to travel before we should expect

to encounter a copy of ourselves is 1010*28 metres whereas

the greatest distance that light has had time to reach us from

is a mere 1027 metres.

Can one infinity be bigger than another?

Is there an ultimate infinity beyond which nothing bigger

can be constructed or conceived, or do infinities go on forever?

three different types of infinity:

the mathematical

the physical

the transcendental.

whether it is possible to build an ‘infinity machine’

that can perform an infinite number of tasks in a finite time.

M Theory - eleven dimensions of space and time,

popsano nekolika pohledy ruzno dimenzionalnich super string teoriema.

Fyzikalni konstany jsou stiny viceprostorove reality vrzene na nase tri prostory.