50 cent lost 60 pounds (~27kg) in 10 weeks – extreme liquid diet & running 15 miles (~24km) twice a day. It is possible, but not recommended.

I may have gained fame singing about sipping Bacardi and hanging out in the club but, truthfully, my greatest vice is overwork. I go hard all the time and thrive off being strong, being successful, being fit, and ultimately being the best version of Curtis Jackson that I can be.

Start, right now

Reasons to workout

  • You have to be physically strong, fit and mentally tough to be successful in life.
  • You will not only look a lot better but feel a whole lot better and healthier too.
  • You will have more power and energy, feel uplifted, appear victorious.
  • Retake full control of your body and your life.
  • Choosing to become fit is being smart.
  • Gain discipline to conquer life's challenges.
  • Attractive and sculpted body is best tattoo you can have.
  • Feel fulfilled, accomplish something. Hard work is physically rewarding.
  • Meditation in motion.
  • Become part of community.
  • Healthy habit.
  • Release of endorphins – feel good. Best drug.
  • Decrease depression, improve sleep, boost vitality. Stress prevention and management. Keeps you cool.
  • Instead of buying expensive clothes and accessories to look good, get in shape your body.
  • Abs come as a byproduct of healthy and strong body.
  • Be the lion in the room – If the person in one chair is the lion in the room, no matter how interesting other people are, they don’t warrant attention. Only the lion does. The lion doesn’t even have to move. Just us knowing the lion’s capabilities, what could happen, is enough. The lion has true power.
  • Improve self-confidence and self-discipline – leads to willingness to accept risk, focus on positive and call attention to one's self. Those with high self-esteem tend to treat themselves and others well, while those with low self-esteem tend to treat themselves and others poorly.
  • Role model for others – influence your relatives (and children).

Laws of fitness

Where there's a will, there's a way

You have to put in the time and the effort – just like with anything worth doing.
Do not complain of your prerequisites (DNA) – what matters is what you do with it.
Do NOT give up, use advices from motivational and sport experts.

Train smart

Change your workout plans, surprise your body and do not let it get used to one.
Stagnation is bad. Change is good. Growth is better.

Train heart accordingly

The heart is a muscle, and you want for it to be your strongest, best-conditioned muscle of all.

Gym is a place to work out, not waste time

Headphones will tell people you mean business.

The medical costs associated with chronic diet-based conditions like diabetes and obesity are skyrocketing. They threaten to bankrupt national health care systems worldwide. The tab for heart disease–related costs alone in the United States surpasses $100 billion a year. These projections, like the disease itself, are scary. We can’t afford to pay the rising cost, in dollars or human suffering.

Are people successful because they’re self-confident, or are they self-confident because they’re successful? I think it works both ways.

Do not give up!

Sad truth

We're getting fatter rather than fitter.
Couch wins over moving.
Those who join a gym mostly don't renew membership.
Mind sabotages the body.

People with this gene may be more likely to become obese, but genetics only loads the gun. The lifestyle choices you make are what pull the trigger*

That’s why I feel like people bully other people — because it makes them feel better about themselves. Maybe I’m not so great, but look at her. I don’t do that.

Common excuses

I don’t have time to work out or prepare healthy meals.
Other activities take precedence over your health. Workout can take just one hour – you blow that much time on Facebook already.
You can make an effective workout and eating plan.

I tried it, and it didn’t work. Why should I try again?
Prepare such workout plan, that will encourage you.
You have to earn it.

I don’t have good genetics. I’m not going to look like a fitness model anyway.
It is just you against you. You want to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can.

I don’t live near a gym, and I couldn’t afford one even if I did.
Try workouts on the way to / from work or during lunch break.

Every time I talk about working out and losing weight, my family members—who are also overweight and out of shape—ridicule me for the idea.
One of the crazier aspects of fitness is how the effort you make to better yourself can be met with a lack of support or even resentment. Rather than follow your lead, they would rather pull you back to them—even if doing so prevents you from enjoying all the benefits of working out: more self-esteem, more energy, better health, and so forth.

I’m so damn out of shape that I’ll never be able to lose this weight.
You can shape up far more quickly than you fell out of shape.

I don’t know what to do in the gym. It seems intimidating to me.
In the gym, it’s all me-me-me. Nobody don't care about you. Every single person in the gym had their first day or session. They know the drill. And they don’t care.

I’m not overweight, so I’m already in shape without training or adhering to a healthy eating plan.
skinny fat - metabolically obese.

I don’t want to be one of those people carrying Tupperware full of stinky fish into meetings at work. Ugh.
Going to gym is cool lifestyle nowadays. Drinking protein shake is cooler than drinking Coke.

My garage is full of fitness equipment I picked up on HSN and QVC. All it’s doing is collecting dust. That’s proof that I can’t do this!
Get out to the gym.

Sooo, listen!

Show up for the workout.
Really use your workout plan.
Go harder that the next guy.
Never coast, only accelerate.

What to improve

Power, Flexibility, Cardiovascular.

Workout plan

Metabolic resistance training (MRT) – combination of weight training and cardio.


  • Combine weight training and cardio. Bursts of aerobic activity in between sets.
  • Manipulate rest periods
  • Free weights produce the biggest results.
  • Life doesn't happen one muscle group at a time. Train compound.
  • Weight training and high-intensity intervals are just about the only kinds of exercise that don’t slow your metabolic rate
  • Overtraining can slow your progress.
  • Focus on strength endurance rather than top of muscle size.
  • Maximize post-exercise effect
  • Pair muscle groups (benchpress + row)

“bro-science”—nonsense with no rhyme or reason. Dudes at the gym throwing around puny weight and using big words, but clueless.

The closest thing you may have experienced to MRT is circuit training, where you moved from one machine to the next, maybe 10 in all, to complete a circuit.

MRT is no "all show and no go"

Anabolic – muscle growth. Catabolic – Tissue is broken down. Eg. fat.. Hard to be anabolic and catabolic at the same time, but MRT seeks to do that.

Fat burning

MRT increase lactate threshold – results in fatigue and crates "the burn".


Pain is designed to get your attention. Your body doesn’t care about the long term; it’s only concerned about right then and there.

Do not focus solely where the problem expresses, try to find the very source.

Medicine today is too often about waiting until something is broken and then fixing

With injury, it is "What did you do to or for your body 2, 5, 10 years ago" rather than "What have you done".

1. Prepare mind

On the way to gym, go through and picture your workout in your mind.
All troubles put in imaginary box and set aside. Prepare good music.

2. Prepare body

15 mins
Activate muscle and core. Prepare mind on training. Establish mind-set before you start working out.

3. Workout

45 mins

4. Repair

15 mins
Stretching is ineffective (or even dangerous) before body has warmed up.
Static stretching – hold the deepest element of the stretch for a period of time, anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds.
Prevent future injuries or recover from previous ones, but they’ll also increase your range of motion.

Foam Rolling Stretches

Great for rest day workout
For faster recovery
Apply passive pressure » relax muscle as external force is applied

Common tips for training

It takes 30 day to make a habit – stick with your training for a month and your odds for success skyrocket.
3x total body MRT | 2x interval training (aka energy system training)

Eating plan

What you eat at breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day – Having only carbs is probably the worst thing you can do

The latest research suggests that having only carbs for breakfast sets you up for more snacking throughout the day.

Meal should satisfy not just your stomach and muscles but also your mind.

Eating more frequently doesn't boost your metabolic. It's an urban legend.

Girls shouldn't fear gaining man-like muscle without using drugs.

Body spends far more energy digesting protein than carbs. Protein takes more energy to digest than other macros require, eating it burns more calories than dining on the other two sources does.

Make healthy eating part of your life style.s

Lean muscle is important for long-term fat burning. Muscle burns fat.

So as your body composition (the ratio of muscle to fat) changes, you’ll burn more calories as a result. No matter what you’re doing, even if you’re sleeping, you’re burning more calories than you were before. It all adds up.

When trying to loose weight, focus on losing body fat and support muscle growth.

Eating plan has to be flexible for you to enjoy non-diet foods with portion control.

The goal is to keep muscle as greedy as possible


It takes 30g of high-quality protein to flip the growth switch.

Protein makes you much more insulin sensitive

If you’re looking to gain muscle, your target protein intake on my program is 0.8-1.0g/pound of body weight per day.

protein should come from sources such as eggs and milk; lean meats such as lean beef, chicken, turkey, and fish; and whey protein powder. No deprivation here. All tasty stuff.

Adding muscle-building protein gives you a higher tolerance for carbs. It does so by lowering the glycemic effect of those carbs. Protein again will activate muscle, making it more greedy, taking away some of those carbs so that fat doesn’t get a crack at them. Protein does dietary damage control.

People whose protein was dispersed equally had a little bit less fat, but they had significantly more muscle mass – hit the protein threshold three to five times a day.


Use them to your advantage, and they can become a great ally in your efforts to shape up. Abuse them, and they can sabotage the best-laid plans

Carbs, not fat, and definitely not protein, are often what make people fat.

Good carbs tend to be higher in fiber than bad carbs, which is what you want – any carb that is at least 20 percent fiber is a quality source.

When people say they’re carb sensitive, what they’re saying is they’re insulin insensitive.

That insulin isn’t just disposing of glucose; it’s sending signals to your liver to make and store fat


Certain fats are bad for you, and certain fats are good for you.

9 calories per gram.

Healthy fats make you feel full.

Fat will account for 20 percent to 40 percent of caloric intake.