Vibration API, Geolocation API, Web notifications API

Developer productivity

Cordova / PhoneGap

Every platform have its own set of native components. Do not imitate them in web app. Use own.

Cache for electricity – battery.

Human right – internet when I go to the toilet.

Look simple, but is very complex.

It should work like jQuery. Use shortcut after longcut is used. Not creating shortcut before long way exists.

As little magic as possible.

AppCache is less character, but not simple – it’s more magic.
Service workers can be debugged.

Graceful degradation is bad, progressive enhancement is better approach.

Dog want to play fetch, but he can’t.

Show offline cached firsts.

Network request at the same time as cache request.

Reactive, not predictive.

navigator.onLine is BAD. only true or false.

Rise of audio, video and real-time communication on the web.

Within few years, 90% of bits transferred via internet will be video.


Democratization of broadcast.

Required to go through centralized server, in WebRTC it work peer-to-peer.


Audio pipeline.

Perceived speed is important.

What you can measure, you can optimize.

16ms – Hit the budget to be smooth.

Day Two

http archive


4 April 2013, fork of webkit
Open Process

Intend to implement public, released to Canary.

Implement without -webkit- or -blink- tag.

WebAudio API

All is tested. Publicly available.

Detect regression by machines in graphs.