School notes: Management
Going agile doesn't mean not knowing where you're going -- it means being flexible about the path you take.
appropriate near-term prioritization
Let product teams anticipate upcoming work that may influence decisions they make today
Keep a single, canonical copy of the roadmap and make sure it's easy for all to access. [ ] Where is our roadmap?


Roadmap Theme Requirement Backlog


communicate with customer

like project manager

Do not overspec without engineers
Minimize requirements documentation -- save the details for the user stories and tasks in your issue tracker
Whatever requirements documentation you must have, keep it in a wiki or shared repository so team members are notified of changes.
"Since last time, I... My plan for today is... I have/don't have any blockers right now."
Hold retrospectives regularly. The last day of an iteration is ideal for scrum teams.
Product owners must provide clear acceptance criteria.