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Political rule distributed - how?

Justice - distributive justice - not only income and wealth and opportunity - but also offices, honors, power.

Political authority.

Forming character, cultivating virtue of citizen = politics.

Realizing good life.

Respect freedom of choosing your own goodness.

Realize our nature of human beings by participating in politics.

Happiness - maximize pleasure over pain.

Virtue - learn by practicing, exercising.

Golf - game of skill or athlete?

Admission to school - should be affirmative policy used - took account of race and background. Even negative discrimination - diverse community, prefer not white applicants even with worse academic results.

Arbitrary factors - no control of it - race, background?

Affluent family background.

Purpose of university - Educate students - diversity contribute.

What happened in past has no barring in present. Segregation - has effects to present. And we maybe should compensate their opportunities

Result can not discourage potential.

Legacy admission - advantage to applicants with parents from that university.

Surround people with diversity - but race doesn't need to mean diversity. Goal of promoting diversion.

Correcting of effects of disadvantage. Academic promise beyond test results

Compensating for past wrongs.

Social mission of education, university

Desert vs entitlement of admission

Some people can offer what others simply cannot - rich, poor, pianist, football, even race

Leader elite should reflect population.

Can institute like school define its purpose whatever it wants?

Schools should prepare people to jobs, what if jobs wasn't offered to black/jews. Should they have a right to not take them?

Use people as value to social purpose. Detach justice from deserve Justice is not a matter of rewarding / honoring moral deserve and virtue.

Should equal things been assigned to equal people. Best flutes to best players - discriminate worse. All justice contain discrimination.

Vale of ignorance.

Greatest good for greatest number. Behind vale of ignorance, everybody know that everyone want to be respected, oppressed.

Equal distribution of opportunity. Better, if we end up at the bottom.

Prudence? Life boat - decide who to eat? Morality - maximize general wellfair/pleasure over pain. What to maximize? Hapines? Utility? Place dollar value on utility. Health care, pension, cost for house for elderly gain when smoking people die. Totally - for country = gain. Value to the person, to the family = value of life.

Ford has done cross benefit analysis, vulnerability of gas tank in the back of the car.

Include measure of life. Assign dollar value to life. We have to put a value. For greater good.

Using cell phones in cars - benefit from business made when driving = not wasted time.

Controversies from cross benefit.

How much to undergo - eat worms, pull tooth, choke cat, live in Cansas, during depression. Idea of measurable everything.

Great good for greatest number - doesn't respect individual rights.

Torturing suspects to save lifes?

Intensity x duration of pleasure.

Pushpin is as good as poetry. Who's to say whose pleasures are higher, better, worthier? Mozart vs Madonna.

Pleasure of audience over pain of gladiators??

John Stuart Mill. Humanize utilization.

You have to try all pleassures/desires/preferences... Only sb who have experienced both can judge.

Popular entertainment vs classic. (Simsons vs shakespear)

Individuals matters not as just a tool. They are separate beings with separate lifes. Just summing values is bad.

Not liberal laws: Protecting people from themselves - seat belts, helmets, ... Promote virtue of citizens, prevent sex between gays State should go out of business of individual lives. Any taxes - redistribution. = theft. Idea of minimal state.

Justice of acquisition, justice of transportation ( trade )

Fruits of my labor - earnings Taxation - equivalent to force labor.!!! = slavery Nozick. Community is owner of me - i am a slave. line of reasoning.

Ask rich to give to charity, not to taxes.

Premise of self possession not usable in society.

Minimal state

  • no social security, can't force them, their choice
  • fire protection, subscription to protect
  • public goods can be isolated to private sectors

"Cest, touha po tvorbe, touha po vedeni, touha pro zlepseni sveta"

--- lesson in lying

--- hired guns Agree to join social community, then only majority has to agree. Be bound by majority.

Attract soldiers, increase pay Lottery yo join army (transcription). Hire substitute. (Civil war) Outsource - mercenaries.

? Feasible

Can person put price on his own life? Volunteer army.

Selling sperm/eggs? Require education, physical beauty, exams, ...

Market forces shouldn't penetrate all fields.

--- minding your motives Manuel Kant Why we have categorical duty No use people as means l, even for good ends Paid professor number of students 57 firet book - critic of pure reason Reject utiliatism, individual person has dignity that commands respects. Not because we own ourselves, but because we are rational beings - capable of reason + autonomous (choose freely) + other capacities (pleasure, pain) Our rational capacity puts are above animals. Seek for pleasure as animals - we are slaves of our necessitates. Necessity - oppose of freedom. Obeying a prompting - thirst, hunger, tastes, appetite, desire. Act autonomously - law I give myself. Heteronomy - opposite of autonomy. Acing according to inclination, dictates of nature.

Respecting human dignity - its wrong to use people. Right think for right reason.

Shop keeper example Inexperienced customer, can trick him. Loose reputation, he will not. He did right thing from bad reason.

Motives that matters. Honesty is best policy. Moral worth.

Supreme principle of morality. Only one kind of motive is in sync with morality - duty.