Barcamp Brno 2012


Propagation via Twitter and word-of-mouth. Foursquare badge, trying to get swarm.

30 minut na 30 příkladů propagace webu, které stály minimum peněz a něco k tomu navíc!

  • Pouzivat propagacni miniclanky - uzivatelsky hodnotny obsah.
  • Tiskove sdeleni. Zkouset na specializovanejsi, regionalni, mensi media.
  • Buzz, septanda - je tezke vyvolat tu zadouci.
  • PR clanky - cilene.
  • Wikipedie, udelejte si vlastni stranku at vas muzou novinari snadneji najit.
  • Produkovat i PDF pro SEO, pozor na spravne hlavicky.
  • Vyhledavace zbozi (zbozi, heureka).
  • RSS, znovuprodani jiz udelaneho obsahu.
  • Twitter, facebook.
  • Weblog.
  • Zapojeni uzivatele - anktery o nazory, ankety o produkty, uzitelsky navrhnuty produkty.
  • Vyuzit silnou znacku (Adidas, Podlahy).
  • Pouzit realne fotky podniku pro zvyseni duverihodnosti.
  • Vyuzivat mapy (a jine metatagy) ve vyhledavani.
  • Delat obsah ktery je mozny jinde citovat.
  • Pusobit na diskuzich. -> Reputace, dovednosti. Ne podlizave. (Jak psat web)

How not to be ashamed to ask for money

Zdenek Fidler
Who is typically asking for money?
  • Startup from investor
  • Company from customer
  • Employee from employer
First impression is most important - prepare yourself precisely for it.
You cannot accomplish what others can promise

  • Distinguish yourself. Capture attention.
  • Prepare business plan in short and interesting form - max range 1 A4 paper.
  • Prepare estimated time to gain profit.
  • Go alone or with other two - show enthusiasm.
  • Recoverability do not need to be just financial.

  • Utility value, expectation.
  • Relationship with customer. Personal attitude.
  • Has customer the right to demand changes?
  • To refuse a customer doesn't have to be necessary bad thing to your business.
  • Customer is king, but also say no and keep your attitude and virtue.

  • Proactive - says yes to everything
  • Flexible - works anytime and anywhere
  • Dynamic team - full team of young noobs.

Co by měl umět dobrý vývojář

Petr Adámek
When developing project, feel like a Hero.

  • is creative
  • is craft (individual execution using standartized techiques)
  • is not art
  • is not science
Designer has to be artist, but artist doesn't have to be a designer.

  • knows technical stuff (language, patterns, math)
  • knows frameworks, libraries, outline of other technologies
  • knows tools
  • knows processes
  • soft skills, communication
  • responsibility
  • time-management (highly individual)
  • can present/sell output
  • motivation
  • discipline, can moderate passion
  • estimate
  • can prioritize
  • regularly inform about progress
  • has certifications

  • S specific, what is the goal
  • M measurable, what is progress, when is goal finished
  • A acceptable
  • R realistic, for sb's skill
  • T time, with deadline or time plan

10 000 followeru

David Grudl

  • collector of followers (filatelista)
  • Ego boost
  • wide impact of message
  • Number of followers ~ only guide. Depends on structure of them.
  • Do not adapt to followers, be yourself. Find your audience.
  • Tweet what you would say in the pub, with friends.
  • Tweet truth, but you can little enhance it (like in pub, no more). Twitter is one big pub.
  • Let tweet mature, do not tweet in urge. Delay. Cold head.
  • Find the right timing for tweet.
  • Un-follow can insult, so follow advisedly.
  • Right tweets to be easy shareable, re-tweetable.
  • Have nice timeline, do not loose hardly gained attention.

  • appear in mentions
  • start to follow sb -> notification
  • use popular hashtag
  • arrange retweet
  • pretty avatar
  • have a nice timeline

Jak dělat marketing s omezeným rozpočtem

Barbora Nevosádová @nevosadova
  • Travel business is full of competitors. Need for creative solutions and propagation.
  • Do not propagate bad products, it can be done cheap. Propagating awesome product can be cheap.
  • Direct e-mail to new users with questions what to improve.
  • Word-of-mouth.
  • Cross-sell - connect all your different services.
  • Affiliates

  • When you bought coffee machine, after one month offer discount to coffee.
  • When you bought dog food, remind after month.

  • Do not be afraid to address journalist.
  • Prepare PR articles to be easy to use - screenshot, logo, quotes, benefits, direct link.
  • Subject and first few lines are critical.
  • Find out who wrote about competitors and address them.
  • Personalize for target audience - different mail for family magazine and different for it magazine.
  • Do not expect answer. Watch and monitor for articles. Thank for article.

  • Starting a new product
  • Achievement - registered users, transferred data, ...
  • Interesting trend, interesting study
  • Useful resources - info-graphics, stats, ...
  • Take care about community, appreciate loyalty - answer in forums, thank for mentions in tweets.
  • Offer widgets for bloggers and social networks (youtube, facebook, ...).
  • Cooperate with bloggers - reward work. eg. best restaurants in Milano, best fitness in Brno, ...
  • Product contests -> mentions at articles. Demanding to maintain.
  • Participate in competitions. Present at conferences.

Jak funguje networking v Americe aneb jak získat z konference maximum!

Aleš Vyka –
  • Join conferences, make contacts, gain maximum.
  • Conferences take a lot of time, make a maximum from it.
  • Talk story with partners, talk money with managers.
  • Be prepared to make offer at place, be prepare to make a deal immediately.
  • Make notes on back side of business card.
  • Make contact (with even small effort - email, twitter) with everyone you have met.
  • Go to conferences to meet new people, go to pub to chat with present friends.
  • Make an effort, do not be too cosy. Speak to new people.
  • We are all just humans. Do not be ashamed.
  • Give same amount of effort to develop as networking (marketing).
  • Use new knowledge immediately.
  • Really study how to make presentation.
  • Wear badges with name, logo and interest. Promote your interest visually, stand out.
  • Make more money on conferences than you spend.
  • Talk about your plans.
  • Make short-term goals and talk about them.
  • Big cities are quick - talk fast, work fast, act fast.
  • Quick exchange of bio and short desc of project.
  • Talk about story.
  • Make concept fast and then put it to public and talk about it.

UX - dřina, která není vidět

Michal Sänger, Marek Dvořák
  • Optimizely -
    • A/B testing. Google Analytics integration.
  • UserTesting -
    • Specific scenarios to users. In detail report of user behavior. Choose characteristics of desired visitor. Result is half-hour video.
  • What to test: Video introduction / Slideshow introduction CTA position Density of content on page (less content -> more CTA) Color of buttons
  • Results: CTA above fold Write specific title to anchors - no just "more info". Better Book hotel XXX.

Responsive design a korporátní web

Tomáš Peterka – @atheiste
  • Story about Vodafone online activities and its mobile redesign.
  • Vodafone site divided to channels: Samoobsluha, eShop, Centrum péče, Vodafone park, ČiliChilli, Mobilní aplikace, Sociální média.
  • Each channel has its own visual guidelines.
  • Vodafone is enterprise, it has process guidelines and templates almost for everything.

Z místa A do místa B se nedostanete

Martin Kopta – @atpok
  • Do not design from just your perspective.
  • For some services, users are not ready yet - buying music in Czech Republic.
  • Forcing design - teach users what to do by forcing them, and not allow them to do bad things.
  • Users already have experiences with web and expect some behavior. You can't create innovative product, that is intuitive at the same time.
  • Intuitiveness - immediate feedback is very important.

Kreativita obsahu - je to cool, je to zábava a sem tam to i něco prodá

Roman Hřebecký
  • You can sell everything, but you have to have good story.

Osobní zpověď copywritera v ČR: Jak se mu žije, pracuje a vydělává?

  • There are few people that work exclusively as copywriters.
  • Some people won't understand why your job is important and won't help you.
  • School certificate - show that you can work with information, people and byrocracy.
  • Have humbleness to people you write for - tell them what they do wrong, but do not be arrogant.
  • Hard to report working time.

Gamifikace - hrou k vyšší produktivitě i vědeckému výzkumu

Jan Vlček – @vlki
  • In games, our lives are more interesting, more challenging.
  • Difficulty is determined based on your skills - you can get in FLOW state.
  • Gamifikace - use of game elements in non-game environment.

HTML5 & hry

Lukáš Franěk
  • Canvas - render primitives.
  • Watch for browser performance.
  • WebStorage - setItem(), removeItem(), clear(). Only string. No expiration. Can assign event handers (eg. value change).
  • WebSocket - real-time connection to server.

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