Photographing shiny objects

Problems with reflections - try combining more captures with different reflections. One reflection to one part, another reflection to anothers.

Velvet - light sucker.

More objects behave as a group - reflections, lights, shadows, …

For perfect background, we need to backlight it.

Make shape with light sources (keep in mind light shape - square, elipsis, …) eg. ephasise soft curve with square shaped light (softbox).

Rotate softbox to adjust reflections. (Closeer light -> bigger reflection).

Sequentely build light scene and compare photos on computer.

Light table - fixed specular

Light tent - very diffused

Product photos

For product photos, use tethered shooting and check photos on big screen.

When finished perfect scene, try to add some variations. Even just for parts - combine them in Photoshop.

Model poses