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iOS promotes blur and gradients while Android gives priority to drop shadows and the concept of paper.

Skeuomorphic design was helpful to introduce new concepts using familiar metaphors

The Trouble With Preprocessing Based on Future Specs | CSS-Tricks

Future Syntax Changes
Some Features Can't Be Replicated - calc, generators

New regular expression features in ECMAScript 6

flag /y (sticky) useful for tokenizing.
flag /u (unicode)

What Happens When You Talk About Salaries at Google | WIRED

Ask HN: I am 30+ and bored with life and the software industry, what do I do? | Hacker News

Moving Fast With High Code Quality - Engineering at Quora - Quora

Idea of post-commit code review. First push to producuction, code review later.

Userscripts research

Flexbox research

Flux research


flux is a bunch of reducers over an event stream
flux is Event Sourcing + CQRS
flux is state management pattern rather than concrete code

Who is doing this to my internet? – Vicki Boykis – Data, tech, and sometimes Nutella

Q all + spread

.spread(function(firstRes, secondRes) {

}, function(err) {



static max(data) {
  return Math.max.apply(Math, data);
avg: return data.reduce((a, b) => a + b) / (data.length + 1);
median: return data.sort()[Math.floor(data.length / 2)];
shouldComponentUpdate(nextProps, nextState) {
  return, i) => d !==[i]);
const { data, limit, width, height, margin, style  } = this.props;
<svg width={width} height={height} style={style}>
  {, function(child) {
      return React.cloneElement(child, { points, width, height, margin });

endeavor to contribute to knowledge

Once you figure out the question, then the answer is relatively easy. I came to the conclusion that really we should aspire to increase the scope and scale of human consciousness in order to better understand what questions to ask.

We often get caught up in false ambition and forget why we wanted to do something in the first place.

Take huge risks and do things that really matter

Projecting yourself forward to age 80, looking back on your life, and trying to make sure you've minimized the number of regrets you have.

Do tasks that engage your strengths.

Weird constuct

Container.login = function(arguments, callback){

Container.prototype.login = function(arguments, callback){, arguments, callback);

Redefine call?

var Transport = function(){}; = function(sender, version, method, arguments, callback) {...}

JS Error standard properties

  • name
  • message

Disable placing page in iframe

X-Frame-Options: deny

Content security policy

whitelist, rescrict javascript origin and allowed operations
start with report only mode

XSS Protection

X-Xss-Protection: 1; block

Session cookies should be marked with the HttpOnly value to prevent them from being accessible from javascript.

Web Framework Information


Server Banner


X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff